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Armor Roofing's Certified Shake Restorationsfsc1

Affordable alternative to reroofing! 




fsc2Wood roofs are beautiful when restored by Armor Roofing. Not only does the treatment restore the wood’s natural bright finish, but it also weatherproofs it for at least 5-7 more years!  We use FSC Coatings which is by far the best performance line of wood finishes in North America!  


Get rid of the nasty mildew, moss and missing shingles with Armor Roofing’s Shake Restoration process.  Not only is it energy efficient, but it is fire retardant and costs a fraction of reroofing. 


Many imitators strive to achieve FSC Coating’s long lasting abilities, but only last from 3 months to 2 years.  In fact, many local companies dilute their products 10:1, and their applications could not even pass a 24 hour test.   Armor Roofing follows strict guidelines in our application, and only dilute 4:1.   In addition, FSC Coatings meet California’s VOC laws and exceed Texas Forestry’s data which considers some of the best roofing oils to last only 2 years in California’s climate.





Armor Roofing’s Shake Restoration with FSC Coatings’ Radcon treatment has numerous benefits:


1- Protects wood from mildew

2- Provides water and weather-proofing

3- Reduces cupping, warping & curling

4- Reduces splitting

5- Protects roof against erosion

6- Protects against water absorption

7- Retains bright natural wood color

8- Resists abrasion in heavy traffic areas

9- protects roof from drying out

10- easy to maintain and reapply 


Get an honest opinion on your roof.  Since we do more than re-roofing, we can give an honest opinion on whether you should restore or re-roof.  


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